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Supporting Midwestern makers and their projects

We run creative projects. Our flagship project is Market Day, a pop-up craft market. We also run Community Supported Art Des Moines, and other projects. 

About make\break

We produce events, classes, workshops and programs designed to encourage professional development and create opportunities for independent people—and those who want to get there.

Our story began at Market Street Media Foundry, a coworking-style space for artists and designers. Though we closed Market Street in 2010, the activities, programming, and spirit of our space and community continued on as make\break. Depending on how you count, we've been active since January 2009. 

Beginning in 2013 with programs like CSA DSM, Unprofessional Development meetups, workshops, and classes, we've honed our mission, grown our team, and are excited about what's to come.

Cat Rocketship and Dani Ausen run make\break from Des Moines, Iowa.