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Supporting Midwestern makers and their projects

We run creative projects. Our flagship project is Market Day, a pop-up craft market. We also run Community Supported Art Des Moines, and other projects. 

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Getting Accepted: A Q&A About Better Applications

Video hangout and social media chat

We're assembling an expert crew of independent people with experience on both sides of the table — those who review and curate applications and portfolios, and those who depend on getting their work accepted.

Hang with us all day on Twitter and Facebook (oh yes, there will be hashtags), and follow along with this free online video hangout Wednesday night where we answer YOUR questions.

We'll kick off the conversation at noon and start the hangout at 7pm CST.

And don't worry — we're on video, you're just on chat. PJs and pets are a-okay :)

Questions from SPRING TRAINING passholders will take priority throughout the day.

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