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We run creative projects. Our flagship project is Market Day, a pop-up craft market. We also run Community Supported Art Des Moines, and other projects. 

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Workshop: Do-It-Yourself Websites with Squarespace

  • John and Mary Pappajohn Education Center 1200 Grand Avenue Des Moines, IA 50309 (map)

Power your online presence and art direct your own website with an affordable, integrated platform

About this workshop

This is your solution to the DIY website dillema. You know what we're talking about: You have discerning taste, great ideas, and want a lot of control over your website. But mucking around with Wordpress plug-ins, Photoshop layers, CSS code and the like isn't what you want to be doing. You've got a business to build.

Instead, you're going to learn how to use Squarespace. It's the solution that Scott, your workshop leader, has recommended to dozens of people like you, and it's what he uses to run several of his websites.

This won't be a tour of a million different options that leaves you back where you started. Nor is it a useless overview of "how to make a plan for your website". Nope. We're going to sit you down, show you how to use Squarespace, and get you on your way to a beautiful, simple, and deceptively powerful web presence.

Squarespace is a service that's opinionated about how websites should be put together, and their opinions are generally good ones. They give you just enough options to make your site your own, without so much stuff that it gets overwhelming. It's a service that very intentionally organizes what they do around small, indepenent businesses -- just like us.

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